With information on the Bouts, Boutz & Bautz as well as Barnett, Sejkora & McAliley ancestors
Hello and welcome to our family ancestral website.

GETTING STARTED - Here are some hints on finding your way around this site. The “Home Card” is linked to information of my Grandparents, Anton (Tony) and Leona Bouts. Clicking on the Home Card button is one way to get started. This takes you to the “Family Sheet” for Tony and Leona. If you were to click on Anton's name you will go to his “Person Sheet” that provides more detailed information. By scrolling to the bottom of a person sheet there are often notes with additional information on the individual. Clicking on photos or the image of a camera will access additional photos. Click on any of the names on any page and it will take you to information on that person. Click the “Web Family Card” button on the bottom of the page to return to the family sheet.

SEARCHING FOR A SPECIFIC PERSON - There are two ways to find specific ancestors. If you only know a last name, click on “Surnames” and you will find a list of family names to start from. If you know the full name, click on “Index”. This will take you to a list of family names followed by each first name listed alphabetically. For example, if you were looking for Wilson Flesher, click on “Index”, scroll down to the family name of “Flesher”, then scroll down to, and click on, “Wilson”

SCROLLING THROUGH A BRANCH OF THE FAMILY TREE - Once you're on a particular “family sheet”, in order to move back in time through the family history, click on one of the parents names. To move forward through the family history, click on one of the children's names. For example, if you started from the “Home Card”, click on “Casper” or “Effie” to follow back through Anton's family history. Click on “Amos” or “Sarah” to follow Leona”s family history.

Information gathered by Richard Bouts ( Thanks to the many family members who have provided sources for information.